Founded in 2006 "Cute and Brutal" are here for all lucky bastards on this planet. The cultural achievements of anti-social behaviour, glossing-over of objectively pathetic situtations, suicidal electrical appliances - this is truly our wonderful world to be discovered. Permanent resident: a girl named Kate. Yet, also the upright friends of classical attitude-songs ("We hate cars") and dispisers of people glued onto their settees ("Are your serious?") will like this world an awful lot. With their bashy 3-minute-songs with noisy guitar, loutish baselines and their drumcomputer "Cute and Brutal" provide the proper soundtrack for this scenario. Theo and his vocal chords do not shy away from any risks; Annika plays her bass guitar with the frosty attituted that could all save us from global warming. If she does not get hold of the microphone, that is. Then you will simply have to melt away ... ("all you leed is nove").